Pricing Plans

Pricing plans for hiring full-time or freelance talent

Full-time permanent hire

of monthly salary per month, for up to a maximum of 15 months
Hire permanent team members, and pay them directly using your own payroll process.
  • Permanent, full-time talent
  • Pay via your own payroll
  • Month-to-month (15 months)

Freelance, paid directly

of invoice amount, charged to the client upon payment to hero
Hire freelances, and pay them directly via your own payroll processing, if you prefer to do so.
  • Clients pay the 13% fee
  • Pay via your own payroll
  • Month-to-month

Freelance, paid via platform

of invoice amount, deducted from the payment made by client
Hire freelancers - Commerce Hero process payments for you, charging your credit card on file.
  • 13% fee deducted from payout
  • Pay via credit card or ACH
  • Month-to-month
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