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Dec 18, 2019

The Oura Ring And Developer KPIs

I recently saw a post about the Oura ring (which is a health device that tracks your sleep and activity level,) that talked about how sleep is really important to track as a personal KPI. 

I think a lot about key performance indicators. (I recently put out some content about KPIs for employees.) I’m always fascinated by the idea. 

When you start talking about KPIs for employees or developers, a lot of people shy away. They say, “that’s been tried before and it never works.” People tried to count lines of code or story points or other indicators and it didn’t end up working. Now people think it’s impossible. 

I agree that it’s been done in a lot of wrong ways, and I don’t think it’s easy to do. But I think there are answers. There have to be ways to approach the problem that are better than what we’ve tried in the past. 

We shouldn’t discount it just because we haven’t found the answer yet. 

The Oura ring is a perfect example. How many times in history have people tried to track sleep? Now we have this nifty little device that provides an accurate and easy way to get the data. Sleep has emerged as a really important personal KPI that’s easy to track.

There are probably other things like that in terms of KPI for work and development. We’ll eventually get there.

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