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Dec 18, 2019

Shifting The Demand For US Developers

I’ve been working on my ranking algorithm for Commerce Hero recently, which has been fun to dive back in on, and I posted a screenshot of my algorithm on Twitter. 

In the algorithm, if the developer is US-based they get a bump in their ranking. I did get a comment questioning that practice.

I understand that concern. But it’s less about the ranking dictating who is the “best” person and more about reflecting the demand that I’m seeing. 

With my particular client base, if there are two equal developers, but one is US-based, I’m about three times more likely to find a fit for the US-based developer. That’s just the reality of my client base and demand. 

There is a tension there because you have to work within the existing demand, but at the same time, you want to educate clients on the benefits of hiring remotely. In that way, you can actually change the demand.

That’s something that I really strive to do. I push for remote hires and educate my clients on the pros of remote candidates whenever I can. If I have a client looking for a US-based developer but I come across someone outside of the US who seems right, I do encourage the client to consider that person.

I do hope to help shift that demand and educate clients as time goes on. 

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