Dec 18, 2019

Prepping For M2 Certification Tests

Someone recently reached out for advice about prepping for M2 certifications. 

They said, “I’ve been thinking about getting the first few certifications offered by Magento 2. Would the associate certificate be a good way to solidify a company’s confidence in me as an M2 dev? How long will the studying take if I’ve been an M2 dev for three years?”

If you’ve been working actively with M2 day-to-day, you’re probably ready to jump on in. Before you take the test, I suggest doing the SwiftOtter practice test. 

The whole point of certifications is to verify that you’ve had hands-on experience. But even if you are working actively, there might be certain areas of the system that you haven’t touched. 

You do need to be well-rounded to pass the test. That would be the only part of getting certified that would be difficult for someone who’s been actively working in M2.  

Definitely look into the SwiftOtter programs and study guides. 

If you’re looking to certify, you’re probably wanting to get more interest from potential employers. If you already are fully employed or have a lot of demand, it might not be something to worry about at this point. 

Otherwise, it’s worthwhile—especially the professional certification. I’m always impressed when I see that certification for a candidate. 

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