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Dec 18, 2019

Prep Questions For An M2 Interview

Someone who was preparing for an M2 lead developer tech job interview recently asked me what type of questions they should expect from the interview.

I decided to crowdsource that question on Twitter to see what people thought were good prep questions and, in addition to some expected Twitter sarcasm, I got some good feedback.

Justin Basch Justin Basch suggested asking "Why do you believe Magento 2 is the right move vs Shopify?" to gauge the true understanding of the platform.

I think that’s an interesting approach. We do all need to understand the differences in platforms and functions. I think it would definitely depend on the individual job description. If you’re going for a solutions architect job, then you absolutely need to know this.

Erfan Imani chimed in with, “Please describe Magento 2's application bootstrap procedure.”

I think that’s a great one. As someone who is not currently a Magento 2 developer, I would have no idea how to answer that. Understanding this under the hood definitely shows your experience and qualification for the job.

I thought this was a really interesting discussion and appreciate everyone contributing their thoughts.

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