Pomodus: Avoiding Death By 1,000 Notifications

A lot of my recent content has centered around turning off notifications and getting in the zone to focus on work.

Then lo and behold, I stumbled across Pomodus from TwoTonic Labs, which is a product to basically do exactly what I’ve been talking about.

Their language talks about “being the master of your time,” and “taking control, getting more done, and staying in the zone.” It blocks Slack notifications to give you uninterrupted work time, lets you set your status on Slack as busy to show when you will be available, and provides analytics for how many productive work cycles you’ve done.

It also lets you prioritize notifications so you receive urgent messages. There are both free and paid plan options with different features.

I love everything about this and can’t wait to dive in and try out the product. I’m sure there are many other products out there to target this problem—the death by 1,000 notifications.

I truly believe that we should be working toward working asynchronously and finding more ways to distance ourselves from constant interruptions.

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