Make It Hapin: A Great Online Shopping Service

I saw a tweet from Jordan Gal about a service called Make It Hapin where you upload a picture of an outfit and they find similar items within your size and price range.

This is brilliant. I find myself asking, “How does this not already exist?” 

It’s just so smart. The thing I love best about this particular service is the price range feature. I could upload a picture of an outfit worn by a celebrity and get results that include a $400 pair of pants or a $700 jacket, but that wouldn’t be practical for most people. The fact that you can filter this by price range is magical.

As someone who is fashion-challenged but would like to step up my fashion game, this idea is very appealing. I would really love if they could also purchase it for you as part of the service. 

They likely send you affiliate links on the products, which would be a smart way to monetize this. But eventually, I would love to see this be able to purchase it for you, making money off of commission. 

Another cool integration would be if you could sign up for an account and put in your preferences, then just tag them in a picture on Instagram with an outfit you’re interested in. 

This is a really brilliant eCommerce innovation.  

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