Remote Work
Dec 18, 2019

It Doesn't Need To Go Live Today

I’ve been thinking a lot about remote work, working asynchronously, and turning off notifications.

One of the issues that comes up is clients say, “I need this to go live today.” I think most of the time, they really don’t. Nine times out of ten, when people say that, they just want things to move as quickly as possible so they get the most bang for their buck. 

I understand the client perspective. I’ve encountered it myself. As I’ve built up my content team, I really wanted my videos and posts related to my streams all going out the same day. 

I probably said something similar to, “I need these to go live today.” As a client, you’re investing in something, and you want it out there quickly. But what I realized that I didn’t really need it. The workflow is fine if we get it out within one business day. If they’re staggered by a day, it really doesn’t matter. 

It’s more important to have a nice, asynchronous workflow where the team is not rushing just for the sake of rushing. There’s too much of that. 

Of course, putting out consistent content every day is important. But most of the time, the workflow is more important than your initial idea of what content needs to go out each day. Establish a nice, steady workflow and focus on that instead. 

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