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Dec 18, 2019

How To Encourage Certifications In Your Agency

I’ve seen some agencies establish strong internal programs to encourage their people to get certified.

There are a number of components that help with that. One is simply encouragement itself. Let your people know that it’s a priority. 

Certifications are important to all solutions partners. Magento corporate is pushing them, and the certification directory is sorting on certification count. If you’re a solutions partner, you’re already thinking about certifications. Make sure your people know that it’s a priority. 

Another component is incentivizing it. Offer a bump in salary, or even just a one-time bonus, for certifying. It doesn’t have to be a massive amount of money—people want to get certified. All good developers want to challenge themselves. But a slight incentive gives an extra reason and rewards your people for their time in seeking out the certification. 

Once you’ve bumped up your motivation by encouraging certifications and incentivizing them, the real magic happens when you get teams working together to get certifications. You could set up a channel on Slack where people can ask questions, share pointers, and get supported. 

When you have a team of people that are helping each other, you’re going to get some really good cross-pollination. It’s going to be easier for your people than if they were doing it on their own. 

Agencies that are making an effort to put these systems in place are really churning out certifications. 

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