Dec 18, 2019

How I Got Into Magento

Someone recently asked me how I got into Magento.

I’d done some freelance PHP development, which was going really well. Then I started subcontracting work, which did not go well. I bit off more than I could chew with a big project and I ended up crashing and burning. 

I ended up taking a job as a project manager, which was fine for what it was. My confidence had taken a hit (as a PM I didn’t feel like the smart guy in the room) but I wanted to get back into development.

I really wanted to specialize in a specific platform, and I wanted to find something that was economy and money-related. So I started looking into platforms like Magento, OS Commerce, and Zen Cart. 

I was actually pretty close to going with one of those other two choices. (The learning curve for Magento seemed huge.) But I wanted to be a part of the strong ecosystem and market that came with Magento. 

So I jumped in and spent a lot of time learning. I read No Frills Magento Layout and overcame the learning curve. I picked up a freelance project, and eventually landed my first job with Sweet Tooth. 

From there I jumped into the community and started going to conferences, and the rest is history.

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