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Dec 18, 2019

Do We Know Employees Are Doing Their Jobs?

One of the patterns that I’ve observed, both for myself and others, is that somebody leaves a company, and when the boss goes back in to pick things up they realize that there are things that were not being done the way they would have liked.

99% of the time, when we hire people, we aren’t thorough enough about the KPIs that let us know the person is on target. 

As small business owners we’re often caught up looking at the big picture. If revenue is moving in the right direction we assume everything else is on track. 

But things going well overall can potentially mask problems with individual employees. 

The truth is that when we hire people we don’t always know exactly what they’re doing. We don’t usually have good metrics that let us know what’s going on with everyone. 

This problem can persist for really long periods of time. I’ve heard of people realizing after the fact that an employee was not productive for an entire year. 

You would think we would catch that earlier. But it’s actually really easy for us to fail to see it on an individual scale. 

As much as possible, we need to develop systematic ways to measure productivity. I think that’s one of the keys to remote work—instead of focusing on the body in the seat, we focus on the output and the KPIs. That’s what we have to establish.

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