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Dec 18, 2019

Getting Burned Out On A Legacy Codebase

I was recently talking to a developer who was told me he was getting burned out on Magento and was looking to get into another tech stack. 

Based on their work situation, I got the sense that they work working more in a legacy codebase (maybe a Magento 1 or something not super modern). It turns out that was the case.

Not all Magentos are created equal. You could be working in a legacy codebase with a team that doesn’t inspire you, where you’re just grinding through the work. Or, you could be in a much more modern codebase, doing cool PWA stuff, with a team that helps you learn and grow. 

In both of those categories, you are technically a “Magento developer.” But the situations are very different.

As a Magento evangelist, I wanted to nudge this person to explore other companies and options, trying to find a more modern stack and a better fit, before just jumping ship completely. 

A lot of experiences get bundled into Magento, problems like bad security issues, that can be true in certain contexts but aren’t necessarily part of the entire Magento space. I always want to encourage everyone to find the right avenues within the space before giving up on it entirely. 

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