A New ExtDN Installer Offers Simplifies Commands

Kristof from Fooman recently posted about an ExtDN Installer that sounds really interesting. 

Fooman, along with a group of people, organized ExtDN—an extension developer network for Magento. Kristof has done a lot of interesting stuff around extension development and organizing coding standards. 

They just released the ExtDN installer, which is essentially a simplified extension installer. That’s a really smart thing for them to build. 

The example they provided shows how useful this is. To install something using Magento’s native command line functionality you have to go through a long series of steps. But with the installer, it all gets rolled into one simple command. 

It’s open to all vendors. I think ExtDN is a great foundation for all vendors to build on to encourage great standards. 

This is an awesome thing to build. It makes a lot of sense. It looks like it’s going to be effective and well-maintained. 

It’s fascinating to me that with everything that went into command-line tools for Magento 2 that there is still a need for this, but I’m glad that they are providing a solution. 

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