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Dec 18, 2019

A Maximized Flow State Benefits Everyone

I’ve talked a lot recently about silencing notifications and asynchronous communication. But instead of focusing on the negative, on what you don’t want to do, I want to shift that topic to the positive.

You want to maximize being in a flow state for multiple reasons. The first is that it feels good from the developer’s perspective. Working in a flow state (or being “in the zone”) is enjoyable. It’s a positive mental state to be in. Productivity feels good. And of course, if your productivity is better, your pay will likely increase over time.

From the employer’s perspective, it’s easy to question the asynchronous method. Employers are managing people and client expectations, and they want responsiveness. But a maximized flow state benefits employers too.

If you create the expectation for your developers that they are going to go into the zone for several hours, without outside distractions, you are creating a stronger workflow that will lead to better profitability. Developer productivity is ultimately what you’re selling as an agency or an employer.

An asynchronous workflow is a win for everybody.

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