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“Commerce Hero has been an excellent resource for those of us in the Magento/e-commerce space. Kalen has been very instrumental in helping match up with possible opportunities & stays on top of the entire process. I definitely recommend CH to others in the market”
Jared Blalock
Magento Technical Architect / Lead
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Even MOAR Testimonials? You better believe it, buster. me the jobs
To say Kalen is the best talent spotter is both incorrect and denigrating. He is not doing any search for talent nor doing any cold calls like cold recruiters do. Instead, talented people give him warm calls.
Joshua Romero
Kalen has a real talent for pairing developers with the right company. I was looking for a company that I could have a voice in and where I could grow as a developer. He came through and I’m still here two-and-a-half years later. Thanks homie!
Tyler Schade
Lifestyle enablement. That’s what Kalen and Commerce Hero gave me. I was training for national competition in weightlifting, and a full time day job was too much to balance. But I didn’t have to put my software career on pause. Thanks to Kalen, I built a base of clientele that supported me thru the rest of my time on the national team.
Rick Buczynski
Friends in high places. People you trust. These are what matter when the timing is right. Kalen is both and matched me with like a like-minded team that I could get behind.  

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